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How to Heal a Herniated Disc Naturally Near Fort Myers, Florida

Matterhorn Fit Herniated Disc

One of the most common causes of back pain is a herniated disc, also referred to as a protruding, bulging, or ruptured disc. It occurs when the center of a vertebral disc known as the nucleus protrudes through the disc’s outer ring, known as the annulus. If the disc protrudes enough to press on the … Read more

What is The Matterhorn Fit Method?

Matterhorn Fit Method

Our Bonita Springs and Naples fitness centers offer chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, personal training, and elite training to Olympians, professional athletes, and thousands of active individuals across Southwest Florida. The Matterhorn Fit Method is a noninvasive full-body approach to health and wellness. Through our unique process, we identify the root cause of your problems and … Read more