Osteoarthritis – It is possible to avoid total knee replacement

January 9, 2023

Osteoarthritis (OA)

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common form of arthritis that can affect any joint and impacts about 3.3% of the world population. It is a major contributor to functional and social impairment, disability, and reduced independence in older adults. Joints most affected include the knees, hands, spine, hips, and the big toe. Commonly, pain is described as sharp, burning, or a dull ache and there is often a relationship between  increased pain and decreased activity. 1 in 3 US adults report activity limitations because of their symptoms. Additionally, osteoarthritis has a large economic impact due to lost workdays and ever-increasing rates of total knee and hip replacements, adding billions of dollars to healthcare costs every year.


Currently the best advice on preventing OA relates to lifestyle modifications.

– Avoid joint trauma
– Avoid high impact loading of joints
– Maintain a healthy weight
– Maintain aerobic fitness

Management after an OA diagnosis

There are multiple forms of treatment for OA that provide varying results depending on the patient. These treatments may include pharmacological, surgical/invasive, non-pharmacological, and non-surgical. For example, this could include topical NSAIDs, herbal therapies, manual therapy, strengthening, and a total joint replacement.

How Matterhorn Fit Can Help

At Matterhorn Fit, with our proprietary system and innovative view on the rehabilitation process, our experts can provide treatments with the objective of avoiding ever feeling like surgery is your last hope to get rid of OA pain. Because of the enormous financial burden on the healthcare system, avoiding surgery is the primary goal with OA patients. At Matterhorn Fit, we have worked with multiple individuals who were certain they would need total knee and hip replacements. After completing rehabilitation and continuing functional training with us, many are now pain free and able to perform activities pain free!

Avoid total knee replacement

The picture above is an X-ray from a Matterhorn Fit client.  The knee presents with bone-on-bone contact, which led to compensation throughout that side of the body.  The irregular gait led to more pain and compensation.  This client had this to say about his experience at Matterhorn Fit:

The therapy that I do with Matterhorn Fit has improved the quality of my life very much.  Being pain free has helped my quality of life greatly. Your therapy treatments, and exercise training routines, have really made a difference for me.”

Start your health and wellness journey at Matterhorn Fit today by scheduling your 1-hour initial evaluation.


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