Gulfshore Magazine Features Sean Sullivan as One of the Best Fitness Experts in Southwest Florida

Matterhorn Fit's Sean Sullivan featured in Gulfshore Life Magazine photo by Brian Tietz

July 14, 2022

Sean Sullivan received his bachelor’s degree in exercise science and his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification from the University of New England. Before working at Matterhorn Fit, he owned and operated his own facility, where he trained professional athletes exclusively for eight years. In 2018, Sean and Ryan Vesce opened the first Matterhorn Fit location in Bonita Springs, Florida. The elite sports training facility was founded on the mission to restore and empower active lifestyles through the same holistic healing and performance process used by elite athletes.

Sean has developed a unique training philosophy that helps people eliminate compensation patterns and increase mobility, speed, and strength. He has helped people of all ages and levels, from active seniors to professional athletes, improve their performance through movement. Sean currently trains over 50 professional athletes, 11 Olympians, and hundreds of active individuals at Matterhorn Fit’s Southwest Florida elite performance gyms. 

Sean Sullivan Gulfshore Life Magazine Feature 

Gulfshore Life magazine is based in Bonita Springs and has been publishing since 1970. The magazine’s coverage includes the people, places, spaces, and lifestyles that make Florida paradise. Kristine Gill at Gulf Shore magazine recently did a story on the best fitness experts delivering results in Southwest Florida, featuring Matterhorn Fit’s head trainer Sean Sullivan. 

The training focuses on identifying and addressing compensations while increasing mobility and strength. While specific goals vary wildly, everyone goes through the same three-phase approach to get back in the game. The evaluation starts with a rehab specialist who uses direct current electrical stimulation to see which muscles are reacting and absorbing force. During the eval, the specialist assesses and advises on everything from herniated discs to tennis elbow to balance issues. Once a problem area is identified, it’s all about “turning the muscles back on,” by reinforcing the mind-muscle connection, Sullivan says. That might mean no weights for the first few weeks a client is at the gym. Instead, Sullivan uses repeated lifting, holding and lowering movements to focus on the part of the movement that hurts most or has the most tension, strengthening muscles until clients can do it easily. “It’s very basic, not stuff the average trainer would put on Instagram,” he says. Finally, they reinforce the correction with strengthening to prevent future injury and develop power, speed and agility. 


Sullivan enjoys watching the clients mingle. “I’d be lying if I said I thought I’d be training a hockey player at 9 a.m., then a college basketball player, then an older lady who plays golf twice a week,” he says,…READ MORE.

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Our Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida fitness centers offer chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, personal training, and elite training to Olympians and professional athletes. The Matterhorn Fit process is a noninvasive full-body approach to health and wellness that addresses the root cause of pain instead of just treating the symptoms. Our personalized health programs treat pain, injury, and movement dysfunction from the neurological level with the world’s best rehab techniques, neurological movement training, and recovery modalities. 94% of Matterhorn Fit clients have experienced a significant reduction in pain within two weeks. Start your health and wellness journey at Matterhorn Fit today by scheduling your 1-hour initial evaluation


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