Matterhorn Fit Helps Client Achieve Chronic Pain Relief Naturally

April 25, 2022

Matterhorn Fit, the premier rehabilitation and fitness center in Southwest Florida, is dedicated to providing the best chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, and personal training methods. Matterhorn Fit also offers elite training for Olympians and professional athletes at our Naples and Bonita Springs locations. The Matterhorn Fit Method is a holistic and non-invasive way to improve your health and well-being. Our Fitness center uses the best rehabilitation techniques, neurological movement training, and recovery modalities to target injuries, chronic pain, movement dysfunction, and other neurological issues. 94% of clients experience significant pain reduction within the first two weeks. The Matterhorn Method restores clients’ hope in their health and wellness journey while maximizing quality of life.

How Matterhorn Fit Restored a Local Florida Woman’s Movement After Several Back Injuries

In 2019, Joanne Sparks suffered multiple sacrum fractures after being hit by a car riding her bike. After the accident, Joanne’s quality of life was compromised, leaving her unable to walk, sit, bend over, or lift anything. After several months of traditional physical therapy, she was left with significant pain every day – to a degree she called a “7 out of 10.”Joanne spends her winters in Naples, FL, which led to her introduction to our advanced rehabilitation and training facility that has worked with over 50 professional athletes, 11 Olympians, and thousands of active individuals. In her first initial evaluation, Joanne established her goal was to reduce her pain while being able to resume her daily activities and eventually ride again.

After working through the Matterhorn Fit Method, she fulfilled her health and wellness goal by completing an extensive biking and skiing season. Joanne’s return to the bike is especially meaningful because she has been able to participate in a memorial bike ride that she organizes every year in support of the fight against pancreatic cancer – a disease that took her mother years earlier. Joanne’s story is about hard work, a positive outlook, and ferocious determination. We restored Joanne’s quality of life through our unique process by minimizing pain and helping her regain movement to get back to the daily activities she loves.

Begin Your Health and Wellness Journey Near Fort Myers Today!

Matterhorn Fit understands that each client’s journey towards health and well-being will be different. Our holistic approach starts with a diagnostic scan to identify the root cause of the pain or area movement dysfunction. With your first $150 evaluation, our Matterhorn Fit team will help you find your way to success. Our team will create a customized care plan for you based on your initial 1-hour visit. Schedule your appointment at either our Naples or Bonita Springs facility! We are excited to help our clients restore daily function.


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