Matterhorn Fit Partners with Clean Juice in Naples & Estero, Florida

Matterhorn Fit promotion inside Clean Juice stores in Estero and Naples Florida

June 3, 2022

Located in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida, Matterhorn Fit offers chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, personal training, and elite sports training to Olympians, professional athletes, and thousands of active individuals. We take pride in our dedication to the health and wellness of our clients by providing all individuals access to the same process used by the world’s best athletes. That is why we are excited to be partnering with Clean Juice at the Naples and Estero Florida locations. Hand-crafted with the highest quality ingredients, Clean Juice is the first USDA-certified organic juice and food bar. Offering accessible whole food ingredients, Clean Juice is committed to providing safe products that you and your family can trust in our Estero and Naples, Florida communities.

Clean Juice Partnership

When you sign up and purchase a $150 initial evaluation at Matterhorn Fit, you will receive a $50 gift certificate to Clean Juice to start your health and wellness journey off right with the nutrients you need to excel. As Clean Juice’s exclusive in-store partner for fitness, Matterhorn Fit’s Ryan Vesce and Clean Juice Regional Manager Heather Cargini will collaborate on various initiatives to educate, inspire and deliver complete health and wellness to SW Florida residents. Clean Juice will also visit our Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida fitness centers to host tastings with clients. To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, scan the QR code on one of our signs at Clean Juice’s Estero or Naples locations. You can also visit our website or call to schedule your initial evaluation and let our team know you want to participate in our Clean Juice promotion. Matterhorn Fit and Clean Juice proudly share the same devotion to the health and wellness of our community and the power of positivity. Book your initial evaluation and start your total fitness journey at Matterhorn Fit today!

The Matterhorn Fit Method

The Matterhorn Fit Method is a noninvasive full-body approach to health and wellness. Through our unique process, we identify the root cause of your problems and any other areas that could be hindering your progress. Matterhorn Fit’s proprietary system addresses the root cause of pain and compensation instead of just treating the symptoms by combining scientific research with clinical expertise. Our evidence-based personalized health programs treat pain, injury, and movement dysfunction from the neurological level with the world’s best rehab techniques, neurological movement training, and recovery modalities. As part of your personalized total fitness program, our team will help you create a wellness plan that improves your overall health. We will be with you every step, even developing customized nutrition plans – including whole food items similar to what you’ll find on Clean Juice’s menu – to provide you with the blueprint to a healthier, more vibrant life.

Why is Nutrition Important in Achieving Total Fitness?

While it is easy to emphasize exercise, this is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. A total fitness program includes nutrition, rest, guidance, and personal accountability. If you spend 1 hour in the gym, that means you spend 23 hours a day outside the gym. It’s during this time that the body needs high-quality fuel and rest to recover and rebuild muscle fibers. 

Our personalized wellness programs aim to achieve the best, healthiest body possible for your lifestyle and establish habits and activities that will help you achieve a lifetime of wellness. The Matterhorn Fit full-body approach is why over 94% of our clients have experienced a significant pain reduction within the first two weeks. Matterhorn Fit’s total fitness approach is trusted by over 50 professional athletes, 11 Olympians, and many ambitious athletes across all sports at our elite performance gym. Schedule your initial evaluation today to work with our expert team.


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