Matterhorn Fit’s Alternative Physical Therapy Facilities in Southwest Florida

client being treated with the Matterhorn Fit proprietary brain-based process identifying where their root cause of pain and compensation is

June 24, 2022

Matterhorn Fit’s Bonita Springs and Naples fitness centers offer innovative rehabilitation services, chronic pain relief, and personal training to Olympians, professional athletes, and thousands of active individuals across Florida. Matterhorn Fit’s proprietary system combines the world’s best rehab techniques, movement training, and recovery modalities to treat pain, injury, and movement dysfunction from a neurological level. Led by head trainer Sean Sullivan, Matterhorn Fit’s unique process addresses the root cause of pain and compensation instead of just treating the symptoms. Our holistic and comprehensive alternative therapy for pain management has resulted in over 94% of our clients experiencing a significant pain reduction within the first two weeks of training with us. 

Innovative Rehabilitation

Matterhorn Fit’s elite sports training facility was founded to restore and empower active lifestyles through the same holistic healing and performance process used by the world’s best athletes. Our mission is to help people perform at their best by combining scientific research with clinical expertise to provide accurate diagnostics, comprehensive solutions, and measurable results. 

The Matterhorn Fit Method

Diagnostic Phase

The first step in our process is to identify whether your brain and muscles are communicating correctly and if your system has any compensation issues. We do this by actively stimulating with low-intensity direct current electrical stimulation. We can identify if you have any areas of your body that aren’t communicating as they should during this process. Neurological disconnects are areas of your body that need to be reactivated to function correctly.

Corrective Phase

In this phase, we introduce Matterhorn Fit’s proprietary movement protocols combined with direct current electric stimulation to re-educate the correct neurological patterns. Our clients consistently report feelings of renewed hope and a passion for living life actively again during this step of the process. Typically it only takes two weeks to experience significant improvement in this step. 

Reinforcement Phase

​​Once we’ve corrected the compensation in your system, you have a clean foundation to build on. Our rehab and training team collaborates to create a personalized movement plan that will improve your strength and mobility, increase resistance to future injury, and help you get back to doing what you love!

Why Matterhorn Fit is a Better Alternative to Physical Therapy

Physical therapists follow clients through the natural healing process, helping individuals improve their condition while treating a targeted area. However, Matterhorn Fit’s proprietary process goes beyond treating acute injuries and looks at your body from a full-body perspective. We can find what’s causing your perceived pain and the compensation source that’s keeping you from feeling like yourself again. We help clients restore their quality of life to better than before their injury. 

Natural Pain Management Near Me

At Matterhorn Fit, we recognize that every client’s journey to health and well-being differs. Structured around our holistic full-body approach to alternative pain management, we customize each client’s program individually. Our team will help you find the right path to success with our comprehensive $150 1-hour initial evaluation. Schedule your visit at our Bonita Springs or Naples, Florida rehabilitation and training facilities today!


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