Stay on the Court All Year by Preventing Common Pickleball Injuries

Matterhorn Fit Client in SW Florida doing rehab on Pickleball injury

May 20, 2022

Florida’s warm climate year-round has made it a well-known destination for pickleball players, with many referring to Central Florida as the pickleball capital of the world. The Home of the US Open Pickleball Championships takes place less than 20 minutes from Matterhorn Fits’ Naples location at the East Naples Community Park. Their facility offers 80 of the best pickleball courts in Florida. However, the sport’s rapid growth has increased injuries for individuals of all ages. How do you prevent getting hurt the next time you are on the court? 

How to Prevent Pickleball Injuries

Some of the most common pickleball Injuries occur in the upper/lower extremities, the neck, back, and pelvis. These injuries can include Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciopathy, Shoulder Impingement, or a Sports Hernia. While some injuries can temporarily jeopardize your game, others could end your career. Here are some tips to keep you safely playing.

Pickleball Warm-Up Exercises

Before any activity, it is essential to prepare your body for harsh movement to reduce the chance of injury. Properly raising your body’s core and muscle temperature increases energy production, which, in return, improves reflexes and decreases the time to contract a particular muscle. A full range of motion will help prevent acute injuries like pickleball wrist pain. Start your warm-up with a quick stretch, paying attention to areas that might feel tight to reduce muscle tension. Before starting the game, be sure to do movements such as a light jog to help increase your heart rate and get your body ready for action.


Focusing on your endurance will protect you from injury and improve your performance on the court. Choose exercises that focus on balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength for a full-body workout. If you are unsure how to start your Pickleball training, Matterhorn Fit can get you there. Our Bonita Springs and Naples fitness centers provide chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, personal training, and elite training to Olympians, professional athletes, and thousands of active individuals across Southwest Florida. Sean Sullivan leads Matterhorn Fit training. His unique method uses movement to reduce compensation patterns, increase mobility, speed, strength, and improve body composition.


Between each game, your body needs rest to repair itself. Exercise can cause tissue damage, depletion in energy stores, and loss of nutrition. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits- Be aware of when your body asks you to rest and refuel to prevent getting hurt. If you are dealing with a sports injury or experiencing chronic pain, visit our Florida pain and rehabilitation center. Matterhorn Fit, located in Bonita Springs and Naples, restores movement and empowers an active lifestyle for everyone. Our expert team utilizes the same holistic healing and performance process used by the world’s best athletes. 94% of Matterhorn Clients experience significant pain relief within the first two weeks. Schedule your initial evaluation to start your journey to healthy living today!


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