April 18, 2022

What to Expect From Your Initial Evaluation at Matterhorn Fit

Matterhorn Fit is the premier rehabilitation and fitness center in Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida, focusing on providing the best methods for chronic pain relief, rehabilitation, and personal training. Our Southwest Florida locations also offer elite training for Olympians and professional athletes. The Matterhorn Fit Method provides a holistic, non-invasive approach to health and wellness, identifying the root cause of pain instead of treating the symptoms.

How to Start your Matterhorn Fit Journey

The first step to regaining control of your mental and physical health starts with our 1-hour initial evaluation. Our personalized, evidence-based programs address injuries, chronic pain, and movement dysfunction at the neurological level. We employ the most effective rehabilitation techniques, neurological movement training, and recovery modalities. While also focusing on essential details such as nutrition and the mental components of pain potentially hindering success.

Matterhorn Fit New Client Process

During your first visit, we start with our brain-based diagnostic tools to identify where the root cause of pain and compensation is occurring in your system. If we discover your brain and muscle communication is not working correctly, we will unlock the compensation in your body. We do this by reconnecting the neuromuscular pathways that have been “shut down” as a function of your brain attempting to protect the injured area. Next, we implement our proprietary movement protocols to strengthen and reinforce your neurological patterns to improve or eliminate the pain over a period of time. Finally, we build a personalized plan to prevent future injuries. Over 94% of our clients experienced significant pain relief within the first two weeks.

Schedule your Initial Evaluation Near Estero, FL, Today!

Schedule your appointment at either our Naples or Bonita Springs facility! We look forward to helping our clients regain hope in their health and wellness journey while maximizing quality of life and restoring movement.

Angela Puchalla

Matterhorn Fit