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We eliminate pain.

The Matterhorn Method, our proprietary neurological process, eliminates musculoskeletal pain and empowers your active lifestyle.

major reduction of pain within 2 weeks
of active individuals
Professional athletes

We eliminate pain.

The Matterhorn Method, our proprietary neurological process, eliminates musculoskeletal pain and empowers your active lifestyle.

major reduction of pain within 2 weeks
of active individuals
Professional athletes

we find the root cause of pain.

lightning fast pain relief

Our Therapists utilize a brain-based rehabilitation and movement process that yields exceptional results in record time. Over 94% of our clients have experienced a major reduction of pain within the first 2 weeks.

empowering you for good

Move beyond just resolving your pain. The Matterhorn Method is a seamless process between healing and performance. Trusted by professional athletes, Olympians, and thousands of active individuals.


98% customer satisfaction.

Based on 137 reviews
Lise R.
I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience at Matterhorn Fit which was recommended to me by a neighbor, To see treatment for issues with my neck and knee. Ryan responded to my call quickly and set me up with an evaluation and six treatments with Allie. That did the trick! I’m happy to say that I am almost completely pain-free and I have been set up with a program to do on my own to continue on my path to be completely pain-free. Having seen several physical therapists in the past, with little success, I am thrilled with my results. The Matterhorn Fit approach is more wholistic and it works. I also love the environment and Ryan and Allie are so friendly. Thank you, thank you!
Response from the owner: Lise! Thank you so much for your great review and we are so happy you are feeling great! Great work!
Kristin M.
I was very happy with my work with Angie in the Naples office. She was able to diagnose quickly what my issue was and worked with me through the exercises and stretches. I also loved the deep muscle tissue work she did on my shoulder. All in all, a great experience and I will be back as inevitably my body will need it!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kristin!
rick W.
Matterhorn Fit is outstanding. I’ve been with them for over a year. I have lost 15 pounds and at age 65 in the best shape of my life. Matt is an amazing trainer. Motivating and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Matterhorn Fit .
Response from the owner: Thank you Rick! It has been amazing to see your progress thus far! Keep up the great work!
Timothy B.
I love everything about the place, except the having to lift weights and sweat.😎To be honest, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle mass, and feel a lot better.
Response from the owner: Hahaha! Thank you Tim! You look great and we are so happy with your progress. Keep it going!
Lisa S.
Wow. How do I do this again after a year with them.It's beyond emotional what this owner will do for clients.2nd review March 2024Thank you Ryan for hearing me. Thank you Matt....I can't express the person you are.This is not a company, but a team of people.I've been training with Matt in Naples for some time. I've had a few personal trainers in the past 15 years, but now having some limitations with my back & other terminal health issues I've had to search for the best person to accommodate my needs. I've gone through a few gyms/ trainers that couldn't do this and actually re-injured myself because they didn't create the correct workout for me.I get an amazing workout at Matterhorn without the worry & unwanted stress on my body. I never thought it was possible to get such a good workout without major impact on my body.Matt is the most personable, accommodating & kind individual. He creates workouts customized to fit ME & knows my limitations, but challenges me. I leave Matterhorn feeling very positive & thankful I can still exercise regardless of my medical situation.The entire staff is unlike anything I've experienced in the gym/workout world.Thank you Matt!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Lisa! Amazing to see your progress! Keep up the great work and we are with you every step of the way!
Diane W.
My orthopedist told me no running ever with a torn quadricep. I am a senior triathlete and at 71 I wanted to continue racing. Aly did my initial consultation and told me she would workout a program to fix my muscle imbalance and recover the muscle atrophy in my quadricep. Within 2 weeks my quadricep increased 1/2 inch. The therapy is incredible. Ally works one on one with you the entire time. I was able to start running after 2 weeks of training. Matterhorn Fit gave me hope and delivered on that promise. What is your health worth? I personally want to continue an active life style and for me that is priceless.
Response from the owner: Thank you Diane! We love seeing your fast improvement. The most gratifying thing is to see your hope again! Keep up the great work!
Kristie V.
Absolutely fabulous! PT didnt do it- Matterhorn did! From the “one on one”attention, Knowledge and research, energy and kind people- this place is unlike any other! So grateful to have found them! I have experienced the reward of being pain free, my mother has, and my son also! Again- a hidden gem!
Response from the owner: Thank you Kristie! You are the best. It is so great working with you and your family!
Pam S.
I have been going to Matterhorn Fit for two yearsWe have a seasonal home in Bonita Springs - I go for personal training twice a week - I love it and have seen the benefits by all the things I am able to do - this year I am scheduled for a knee replacement- I am at Matterhorn twice a week with a trainer and every two weeks with Ally for PTEverything is pre-op building and know that my recovery from surgery will be so much better physically and mentally after surgery!!! Thanks Matterhorn Fit for being an option for everything I need and suggest to others to come and see what it is all about !!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Pam! We love having you in the facility and look forward to continuing your progress!
Bryan D.
Great experience at Matterhorn with Angie trying to deal with an achilles issue that has been bothering me for over a year. I feel already after my first few sessions it getting better. Will definitely keep it up
Response from the owner: Thank you Bryan!
Teal A.
Hands down, best choice I’ve made training at Matterhorn Fit. They have a VERY friendly, fun and knowledgeable team. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave.
Response from the owner: Thank you Teal! You bring great energy into the facilility every day and we are thankful to have you as a client and friend!
Ward A.
Every time I walk in here, I walk out better.
Response from the owner: Thank you Ward! We are so happy to have you and Cheryl as clients, and we look forward to supporting you both in becoming the healthiest version of yourself! Keep up the great work!
Keith D.
Extremely knowledgeable, friendly staff that is passionate about assisting individuals achieving their goals. At 46 I’m in the best shape of my life and I attribute that 100% to Matterhorn.
Response from the owner: Thanks Keith! We love your energy!
john K.
Angie is fantastic. Great results.
Response from the owner: Thank you John! We are so happy you had a great result. We look forward to helping you reach new heights!
Greg W.
10yrs post multiple PT’s, surgeries with no results :-). Within just 1 week at Matterhorn Fitness, the functionality of my hips/groin/ankle ailments have improved 80+% to the point where I not only have renewed hope but am able to return to sports activities to a previous level never thought possible! The team at Matterhorn Fitness are professional and are genuinely attentive to your well-being, taking extra time to get to the actual root of the problem, and ultimately achieving success in solving it. My experience has been truly “LIFE-CHANGING”, and I cannot offer a high enough recommendation! Forever thankful!!
Response from the owner: Greg! Thank you for that amazing review and thank you for flying in all the way from Michigan for a couple of weeks to experience the Matterhorn Method. We are so happy for your improvement and trust in our process! Great work!
Mary P.
Excellent facility for world class rehab for injuries: excellent for personalized training. Matterhorn helped heal a longstanding injury and got me into peak physical condition. All the trainers and staff are super nice and very easy to work with. The owner, Ryan, takes a personal interest in making sure everything is exceptional at all times.
Response from the owner: Thank you Mary! It’s has been so amazing for our whole staff to be part of your success!
John W.
Ryan, Sean, Matt and Angie and the Matterhorn team have been game changers for my whole family. We love the challenging workouts both for my wife and I and for my kids including my son who is a competitive athelete. Angie has done wonders for our injuries and Matt is fantastic to work with. 5 star experience all the way!
Response from the owner: Thank you John! You're whole family is an extended part of our family! Excited to continuing all of your development.
nick R.
Matt and Jack are the best. Been feeling like best shape, and agility in my life since doing Matterhorn.
Response from the owner: Thanks Nick! Seeing your progress and how you have changed your health is our greatest reward! Thank you for being part of the Matterhorn family!
Anna M.
Angie and Matt are awesome!! They help me recover from my injuries and build my strength for dance!!
Response from the owner: Thank you Anna for the great review! We look forward to keeping you healthy and strong so that you can continue to compete on the world stage.
Awesome staff, and awesome environment. 👍👍👍
Response from the owner: Thank you Damian! It has been great working with you and seeing your progress!
Being new to the area I wasn’t sure I would find a place to train the way I was used to and also somewhere that could help with my arthritis in my knee. Matterhorn has exceeded both. Working with Ally has helped me become pain free for the first time in a long time. The way the team works together to create a training program based on your needs is outstanding. If you’re looking for somewhere that the people care about your health and being in the best shape you can this is where you should be.
Response from the owner: Thank you Eileen! Our whole team loves having you as a client! We love your postive energy!

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