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Lightning Fast and Revolutionary

Matterhorn Fit is a brain based rehabilitation and movement process that yields exceptional results in record time.  

Over 94% of our clients have experienced a major reduction of pain within the first 2 weeks.


"In the first session Matterhorn Fit quickly assessed my body type, strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances so they could design a program tailored to my specific needs. They explained exactly where they thought I could get to physically, and were spot on with everything they said. I have never felt better on the ice." 

- Ryan Gunderson, 2018 US Olympian

"As an active senior with a shoulder impingement and tennis elbow I tried physical therapy on multiple occasions, so I wasn’t sure if Matterhorn Fit could make a difference and help me avoid surgery.  But after five rehabilitation and strength training sessions, I’m amazed at the way I feel and the range of motion I have in my shoulder and elbow. Their process is revolutionary and effective.  I’m very thankful and blessed to have found Matterhorn Fit and plan to use their expertise to help me age in a more healthy way."

Kathy Hughes, West Bay Club Resident

"I have experienced many rehab and training systems all around the world and I can honestly say that Matterhorn Fit is second to none. Their attention to detail in personalization has allowed me to take my game to another level. There is no one else I would trust with maintaining my body."

- Steve Moses, Professional Athlete

A New Approach

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics


Our diagnostic process uses advanced technology to locate and identify the root cause of your problem. 

Individualized Treatment

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics

Advanced Neurological Diagnostics


Once the root cause is established, we use treatment protocols that are specifically tailored for your rapid improvement.

Movement Training

Movement Training

Movement Training


Movement Training is designed with specific exercises to eliminate compensation patterns and facilitate the re-education of correct muscle function.

Proven Results

Movement Training

Movement Training


Our process yields better, faster and longer lasting results. Trusted by Olympians, Professional Athletes, and thousands of active seniors.

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Stop living in pain

We are unlike any service you have experienced. Our methods are different and our results are better.

Live the way you want

Don't let your body dictate how you want to live.  You can be fixed, you just need the right guidance.

Take control of your health

Don't wait for a surgery or a dramatic life event to improve yourself.  The time is now!

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