Our Leadership


Ryan Vesce, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Ryan Vesce is a former professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL with the San Jose Sharks.  After graduating from Cornell University in 2004, Ryan spent 14 years playing professional hockey in the NHL, Russia, Sweden, Belarus, Croatia, Switzerland and Finland.  As a professional athlete, Ryan had access to advanced healing techniques and some of the best rehab professionals in the world.

After major back and hip surgery, Ryan started combining these advanced healing techniques with Sean Sullivan's training methodology and the results were immediate.  Ryan went on to play an additional five years of professional hockey pain-free.  Matterhorn Fit was founded to provide all individuals with the same advanced wellness process that was so instrumental in his career and life.  Matterhorn fit has combined the worlds best rehab techniques into a process that is applicable across all ages and fitness levels.


Sean Sullivan, Co-Founder and Director of Health and Performance

Sean received his bachelors degree in exercise science from the University of New England and went on to obtain the CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) Certification.  He has worked at the most elite training centers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida and Finland.  For the last 8 years, Sean had worked exclusively with professional athletes.  Currently, Sean trains over 35 professional athletes, 11 Olympians as well as many active seniors in the SW Florida area.  Sean has extensive experience training athletes in Golf, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, Football, Track & Field, Basketball and Ice Hockey. 

Sean's unique training philosophy uses movement to eliminate compensation patterns, increase mobility, speed, and strength as well as improve body composition.  Sean has had great success with people of all ages and levels and enjoys positively impacting lives through movement.  


Dr. Joel Bohemier, Medical Director

Raised in a holistic family, Dr. Joel Bohemier is passionate about natural health care. One of 46 chiropractors in his family he lives by and teaches the principles of honoring the innate wisdom of the body. Whether it's organic foods, green living or creating a healthy and resilient body, mind and spirit, Dr. Bohemier is often invited to share his views about these topics. He also serves as an advisory board member for GreenMedInfo.com, the world's most widely referenced natural health database. Over his career, Dr. Bohemier has worked with many professional athletes from the MLB, NHL, NFL and Pro Soccer (various leagues).

Dr. Bohemier received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Manitoba in 1996, and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in 2000. He has practiced in Italy, Canada and currently maintains a private practice in Naples, FL.  


Angela Puchalla, Director of Rehabilitation

Angie has been a Certified Athletic Trainer since 2001 and completed her Masters Degree in Human Performance and Athletic Training in 2004. She worked as a Fellow for the undergraduate AT program at UW-LaCrosse for three years before becoming an AT at the collegiate level. Her experience includes working with athletes and active individuals in a variety of settings including clinical, high school, collegiate, and professional sports. For the past 10 years, Angie has worked exclusively with professional athletes as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Green Bay Blizzards.